ECG: One Piece Cable

One piece ECG shielded cable with 5-lead wire, 6 pij, Grabber, IEC

ECG: Trunk Cable

ECG 5-Lead shielded trunk cable, 6 pin, IEC

ECG: 5-Leads set

5-leads set, Grabber, 1.0m long, IEC

NIBP: Air Hose

2.5m long, TPU material

NIBP: Polyster Cuff

polyster cuff, single tube, with TPU bladder

Available Size: Neonatal, Infant, Pediatric, Adult, Larger adult, Thigh

NIBP: Nylon Cuff

Nylon Cuff, Single tube, with TPU bladder

Available Size" Neonate, Infant, Pediatric, Adult, Large Adult, Thigh

SpO2: Extension Cable

2.5 cm long, 14 pin

SpO2: Finger Clip Sensor

90 cm long

Available Size: Adult, Pediatric, Neonate

SpO2 Sensor: SoftCap SC and SCP

The SoftCap SC and SoftCap SCP pediatric sensors from the Rubberboot series are the 3rd generation of soft sensors utilising the latest production technologies, materials and design elements. The new Thermo-Q optosets from bluepoint MEDICAL have a thermo-balanced light radiation characterstic with high light efficiency which significantly improves signal to noise ratio.

Origin: BluePoint Medical

SpO2 Sensor: SoftWrap

SoftWrap sensors are universal and skin friendly in use. They are particularly suitable for every application, from adults to infants. Wrap tapes are provided with mounting loops, so a simple fixation of the wrap sensor is given.

Origin: Bluepoint Medical

SpO2 Sensor: SoftFlap

SoftFlap sensors are the ideal solution for ambulatory use, or for long-term monitoring. Advanced manufacturing technologies, materials and design elements found their use in these sensors.

Origin: Bluepoint Medical

SpO2 Sensor: Ear Sensor EP

High quality ear sensor with very pleasant wearing comfort and utility. The ear sensor has an additional sensor holder that prevents the ear sensor while wearing/using slip on the ear or is demolished.

Origin: Bluepoint Medical

SpO2 Sensors: Disposables

Disposable sensors with Plaster Tape - high flexibility and adaptability distinguishes this particularly soft material. By the use of Plaster Tapes the sensors are repeatedly re-applied.

Origin: BluePoint Medical

Temperature: Skin Sensor

YSI 400 Series, 25ºC & 2.252K ohm

Temperature: Rectal Sensor

YSI 400 Series, 25ºC & 2.252K ohm