Twin ported CPAP mask adult, medium/largeTM

The Intersurgical Twin-port CPAP mask offers a comfortable interface to the patient and is available in two sizes small and medium/large adult. The soft anatomically shaped cushion will comfortably fit a wide range of patient faces. A number of other key benefits are highlighted below:

- Monitoring port for supplemental oxygen or monitoring
- Clear, strong mask for easy patient assessment
- Safety flutter valves
- Six harness fixing points
- Soft anatomical cushion with adjustable cushion valve for extra comfort

Flutter valves
To ensure the patient inhales through the upper port and exhales through the lower port.

Safety flutter valves
To allow the patient to breathe if there is an occlusion, or the patient ‘outstrips’ the set flow.

Soft anatomical cushion
Comfortable fit for a wide range of patient profiles.

Cushion valve
To allow for adjustment of cushion pressure for improved comfort and fit.

Monitoring port
To allow connection of supplemental oxygen or monitoring.

Clear, strong mask
To allow for easy patient assessment.

Six fixing points
To optimize the seal when using the Intersurgical harness.

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