Integrated Health MonitoringTM

As the quality of healthcare around the world keeps improving, the associated costs are exponentially increased. And the needs for more mobility have huge demand.
The percentage of healthcare cost as a fraction of national GDP is ever increasing. Additionally, the quality of life for individuals that need hospitalization suffers considerably to achieve the higher standard of care attainable in the hospitalized environment. The summation of these factors tend to push the healthcare industry to seek solutions that keep the healthcare costs manageable, while providing similar standards of care to individuals at their own homes. There is indeed a global push towards preventive medicine and making individuals more responsible for their own health. Moreover in today’s healthcare environment, there is a compelling need to enable mobile and wireless communication. Lack of collaboration can result in poor decision making, inefficient clinician workflow and delayed responses to patients.

IHM Integrated Healthcare Monitoring: A platform provides an integrated wireless and communications platform to help you get real-time patient information, enabling collaborative treatment, improved throughput clinician efficiency and overall cut costs.

The system consists of five major components:

  •  BioMon: BioBusiness bedside patient monitor that acquires the vital signs from the patient processes them, displays them on the screen, store them on its own memory and send them to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS).


  • WiMon: A handheld device responsible for acquiring, processing and displaying the patient vital signs and sending the data to the Cloud Server or the local CMS on the Hospitals to be stored (depends on the usage scenario).


  • HealthPad: A tablet PC requests the vital parameters, current real time waveforms, trends, alarms and waveforms history of a certain patient from the local CMS on the Hospitals or the Cloud Server and displays it.


  • CMS: is the Central Management System that receives the data from bedside Monitors, WiMon devices and Cloud Server, store them, display them and send them to the HealthPad when requested.


  • Cloud Server: is hosted on the cloud responsible for receiving data from WiMon and CMS, and sends it back to the HealthPad when requested. It also synchronizes its data with the local CMSs on the connected hospitals.

Solution Elements


WiMon is a small battery wireless patient monitor, ideal for monitoring and transmitting higher-acui...

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BioMon Patient Monitor

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Central Monitoring Station

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BioBusiness Healthpad is a secure, health-focused platform that requests the vital parameters, curre...

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