What We Do ?

We design, develop, manufacture and distribute medical and electronic products/solutions with focusing incorporating IoT technologies in these products/solutions.

We have our own products and work also as an OEM/ODM supplier for several international reputable customers among them many multinational companies. We offer one stop service for contract manufacturing.

Our company BioBusiness incorporated in 2009 in Cairo, Egypt by three Egyptian entrepreneurs. Our main R&D center is located in Cairo, Egypt and Our main production factory is located in Serdang, Malaysia.

We committed to deliver highest long-term investment results for investors. R&D and innovation is keystone in company culture.

Vision & Mission



To be Leader Company in researching and developing and manufacturing of top quality electronic /medical

products that helps the world to be better place.


To help human being improve their health , lifestyle and help industry to reduce operation cost , equipment downtime ,

carbon emission , energy efficient usage to achieve SDG . By inventing technologies or products that help in this.

Quality Policy

According to the enormous advanced technology in the whole world, we want to ensure BioBusiness Company participates in medical and electronic industries and to be considered as one of the top leader in it through technology inventions and promoting innovation. 

BioBusiness Company shall take into consideration the quality objectives to investigate the ambitious plans which are reviewed periodically according to:

  • Adheres with Quality Management Systems in industry according to international standards including regulatory and legal requirements in order to produce high quality products.
  • The pursuit of highest customer satisfaction in both of the export and local markets.

BioBusiness Company develops and improves all production factors, item elements and applying customer needs with high quality products, proper delivery time, and competitive prices.

In order to apply company targets, BioBusiness focuses on staff motivation to develop and continue improvement after continuous awareness for these operations.

BioBusiness Company management system adheres periodically reviews to be sure that the system applications are suitable.

Our Clients


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018