BioVent A SeriesTM

The 1st upgradable ventilator platform in the international market.

Our plan for the Biovent A Series family to include three models:

 The basic model, that will be the only High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT) that could provide both High Flow and High Velocity Oxygen therapy.
 The next model “Currently under development” and will be a single limb Non-Invasive Ventilator incorporating all Pressure control and support modes.
 The last model “In the Development Pipeline” and will be a Dual limb Ventilator incorporating all ventilation modes.
All Biovent A Series Models share:
  • The same basic critical components (Power Management, Battery control, Alarming systems, O2 Control Block, Heavy duty Blower).
  • Battery Support for Min. Two Hours.
  • The same safety controls.
  • Simple, intuitive Graphical User Interface.
  • Optional Future addition of both SPO2 and ETCO2.
  • BioVENT Features:

    1- O2 Cell:

    Selection from three different types of cells (Ultrasonic or standard Chemical cell).

    2- Nebulizer Output:

    For easy add of Aerosol Therapy during HFOT/Ventilation.

    3- Availability of both Automatic FIO2 control via High pressure O2 Inlet or Manual control via low flow O2 inlet.

    4- Durable/Heavy duty Blower (40000 operating hours).

    5- Optional addition of SPO2.

    6- High Flow and High Velocity modes.

    7- Upgradable to Non-Invasive Ventilator (Single Limb).(BioHF Only)

    8- Internal memory for more than 3 months’ continuous data.

    9- Trend view of patient parameters / settings.

    Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature (Environmental)
  • Operating conditions +5 - +40 C

    Storage conditions -20 - +50 C

  • Relative Humidity (Environmental)
  • Operating conditions 15-95% (Non Condensing)

    Storage conditions 15-95% (Non Condensing)

  • Barometric Pressure (Environmental)
  • Operation 79.9 - 101.1 kPa

    Automatic Altitude Compensation

  • External Electrical
  • AC Voltage 80 ~ 264 VAC

    AC Frequency 50/60 Hz

    AC Power 300 VA

  • Battery (Standard)
  • Nominal Voltage 14.5 V

    Capacity 6700 mAh

    Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion

    Operating Time One Hour

  • External Power Supply 24V (Optional) 24V/6A

  • Weight 5kg.
  • Dimensions 160 mm (Height) , 265 mm (Width) , 340 mm (Depth).
  • # File Name Download
    1 BioVENT brochure click here to download
    2 HF80 Specifications click here to download
    3 NIV10 Specifications click here to download