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Unique customized real time monitoring system based on cloud computing technology , designed to be an advanced tool for data logging in any industrial, environmental and medical applictaion and in other areas of concern with wide varities of applications Using inspector cloud based service, we&nbsp......

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BioMon Patient Monitor

Enhanced Multi parameter patient monitor. The monitor is made to supervise adults, children and neonates. Wireless connectivity with BioBusiness Central Monitoring Station  ...

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BioLuxy Phototherapy

A user friendly, cost efficient and optimal LED phototherapy system that treats newborns with jaundice. By collaborating product design with medical engineering, BioLuxy is a floor standing andmobile device with effective spectrum, sufficiently high irradiance and large treatment area....

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CMS (Central Monitoring System) is an ideal solution for all hospitals. it is a full featured system that provides comprehensive patient monitoring and review. CMS monitors up to 16 patients, provides data storage and review capabilities and ensures a complete patient record....

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Healthpad is a mobile application that can run on mobile or tablets that requests and displays the vital parameters, current real time waveforms, trends, alarms and waveforms history of a certain  patient from the local CMS on the hospitals or the cloud server.  ...

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Wimon is a wearable patient monitor connects wirelessly with central monitoring station, ideal for monitoring and transmitting higher-acuity overflow patients and ambulating patients using Wifi technology....

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