Hemodynamic Monitoring

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Patient Monitoring System

Respairatory Care


Inspector V3.2

Unique customized real time monitoring system based on cloud computing technology , designed to be an advanced tool for data logging in any industrial, environmental and medical applictaion and in other areas of concern with wide varities of applications Using inspector cloud based service, we&nbsp......

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The AESCULON™ provides a 12’’ high resolution touch screen color display that works as a comprehensive, standalone hemodynamic monitor. It provides a complete hemodynamic monitoring system that provides user-defined hemodynamic parameters. With the help of Masimo’s pulse oxi......

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The ICON™ monitor is a Handheld, cost-effective monitor for the measurement of cardiac output in neonates, pediatrics, and adults. Portability: The ICON monitor is the first and only portable battery-operated cardiac output monitor available in the world. The size of the ICON, at 8’’ x 4’’ x 1”, 3......

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The ICON CORE™ provide a convenient noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring (incl. Cardiac Output) in neonates, pediatrics, and adults. The ICON CORE™ is remotely operated from a Windows computer with the optimized iControl™ PC-software. With the ICON and AESCULON, the user gets a comp......

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BioVent A Series

The 1st upgradable ventilator platform in the international market. Our plan for the Biovent A Series family to include three models: HF80:  The basic model, that will be the only High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT) that could provide both High Flow and High Velocity Oxygen therapy. NIV10:......

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BioAir S320

Servo Heated Wire Humidifier True Therapeutic Humidification Application Ventilation Non-invasive ventilation High flow oxygen therapy CPAP Helmet Neonatal Application ...

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