Hemodynamic Monitoring

Neonatal Care

Temporary PaceMakers

Patient Monitoring System

Respairatory Care


BioAir M100

Heated Humidifier Application Ventilation Non-invasive ventilation High flow oxygen therapy CPAP Helmet Neonatal Application ...

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Inspector V4S


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Single chamber cardiac pacemaker is designed for safe and reliable temporary stimulation of the heart in cases of rhythm disturbances and conduction defects. Specifically, the PACE 101 is intended for temporary atrial or ventricular pacing and supports synchronous (VVI, AAI) and asynchronous (V00,......

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Is the third generation dual-chamber temporary cardiac pacemakers, designed for safe and dependable temporary stimulation of the heart for peri/post-operative pacing and/or therapy for conduction defects and rhythm disturbances. Relying on over 25 years of experience in cardiac pacing, the PACE 203......

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Pace 300

 Is the world’s first three-chamber temporary cardiac pacemaker featuring biventricular (BiV) pacing capability. A temporary cardiac pacemaker is designed to be used with cardiac pacing lead systems for temporary atrial, ventricular, A-V sequential, or biVpacing. The PACE 300™ has......

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BioBeat ECG

BioBeat Electrocardiograph is a sophisticated and modern electronic device. It is dedicated to recording ECG impulses in full range of 6 standard channels. Printout is made on thermal paper.  The device is equipped with a high resolution linear thermal printing unit and LCD. Aesthetic plastic......

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