BioLuxy PhototherapyTM


A user-friendly, cost-efficient and optimal LED phototherapy system that treats newborns with jaundice.

By collaborating product design with medical engineering, BioLuxy is a floor standing and mobile device with an effective spectrum, sufficiently high irradiance and large treatment area.

• Omnidirectional, small wheels to slide under most bassinets or warmers.
• Designed with no fan and no other mechanical moving parts, it operates at 22.4 dB(A).
• Lightweight lamp unit for easy maneuverability.
• Removable head for incubator use.
• Plug and Play – Only 2 buttons on device: ON/OFF & High/Low (Intensity).
• Easy to clean.
• Lamp unit tilt-Up to 90˚ tilt, allowing use in conjunction with a radiant warmer.

Wavelength range        Dominate wavelength range (460-490) nm.

Irradiance                         high irradiance of 45 µW/cm2 /nm  ,  low irradiance > 20 µW/cm2 /nm

Light type                          Blue-green  (most effective)

Light source                      LED

Light source safety         Thermal protection

LED time counter             One for LED lifetime

Led effective life                50,000 Hours

Uniformity Ratio             >0.4 (IEC compliant)

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1 BioLuxy Brochure click here to download