Is the third generation dual-chamber temporary cardiac pacemakers, designed for safe and dependable temporary stimulation of the heart for peri/post-operative pacing and/or therapy for conduction defects and rhythm disturbances.

Relying on over 25 years of experience in cardiac pacing, the PACE 203™ represents today's standard in temporary pacing technology.

The advanced technology and features of the PACE 203™ make it the ideal choice for dual chamber temporary pacing in the OR or ICU


  • Superior processing speed.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Stimulation rate of up to 220 ppm.
  • Rapid atrial pacing rate up to 1000 ppm for managing atrial tachyarrhythmias and for TAVI procedures.
  • Impedance Calculation for proper wire/lead positioning.
  • Statistics shows the percentage of spontaneous to pacing cycles.
  • The unique AutoSense option makes it easy to doctors to adjust the proper limits.
  • Optional Bipolar Connectors.


  • Pacing rate.                                                                         A00, AAI, V00, VVI, DDD, DVI, VAT, VDD, DAI, DAT.
  • Pacing Amplitude.                                                                  30 to 220 ppm.
  • Working impedance Range.                                          Min. Up to 18 Volts.
  • Sensitivity Range.                                                                 200 to 2000 Ohms.
  • Pacing Pulse duration.                                                 Atrial: 0.2 to 20 m Volts, Vent.: 1 to 20 m Volts.
  • AV Delay.                                                                                     0.05 to 1.5 mSec.
  • Refractory Period                                                                  Up to 400 mSec
  • Rapid Pacing.                                                                    Atrial Up to 400 mSec, Vent.: Up to 500 mSec
  • Max. Tracking Rate.                                                      Atrial: Up to 1000 ppm, Vent.: Up to 220 ppm. 
  • Visual Signals.                                                                            80 to 220 ppm
  • Emergency Mode.                                                      Low Battery, Lead Off or Short, Sensing /Capturing a signal, Stimulation Pulse. 
  • Runaway Protection.                                               One press of a buttons switches to V00, 80 ppm, Min. 12 Volts.
  • Defibrillator Protection.                                                      < 240 ppm.
  • Battery lifetime.                                                                           Built-In.
  • Reserve Protection during battery exchange.         Standard 9Volts Min. 10 Days.
  • Extra options                                                                                      30 Sec.




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